Saturday, September 17, 2011

Getting Back to Blogging

Okay, so I don't blog that much. Or at least it doesn't appear that way. I write blogs for clients all the time, every week. For those who care, I run a social network marketing company that I founded about two years ago. I try to keep my personal blogs and social posts separate from professional posts. What am I going to post about? Things I'm passionate about, mainly geek stuff, Atheism and Walt Disney World. What I have been doing? Gaming, Kung Fu, playing some music when I can... and lot's and lot's of work.

I should be posting some more soon.  I must say, I do like the new Blogger interface.  Good going Google.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why the story of Jesus sucks...

I was talking to someone the other day about the story / mythology of Jesus, when it occurred to me that what the majority of people take away from the story is that “Jesus died for the sins of the population..”.

This is probably the worst story ever told, it tells people that there is meaning in death, when there is not. There is meaning in life, not death. The faithful that flew the planes into our buildings surely believed there was meaning in death, and reward in it.

I’m sure some people would ask about the soldiers who died for our country. In history we do not learn about the soldiers who died for our country, but the soldiers that fought for our country and our freedom. It is a soldiers life that should be celebrated, not their death. A soldier, policeman, fire fighter, ambulance workers have probably the most meaningful life.

Back to Jesus, some people not only believe this story, but believe that Jesus was also God and the holy spirit. The whole story falls apart here, he knocks up an earth girl, gives birth to himself, he sends his son to die, who was actually himself, to open up gates he could have just walked over and opened up himself in the first place without having to go through all this. Apparently God just wanted to torture his child, or himself.. which makes him a sadist, or a child abuser. It’s all very confusing.

Being a fan of comic books, I do like some parts of the story of Jesus. The parts where he displays his mutant / magic / super powers. Like walking on water, or healing the sick. They should write more about that, or write about his teen years. (which someone forgot to write about) I’m sure a lot of young teens would love to hear about who Jesus dated in his teen years. The bible is WAY over due for an editing and to bring the story up to modern times. ( we really don’t need to know how to treat our slaves, I think they can take that part out now.)

When ever my son asks about Jesus, I explain that he’s just another mythological figure, like Odin or Thor. For morals, I’d be better off handing him a copy of Superman.